The Value of People

This campaign is about the value of people. Raising the minimum wage elevates all of us by lifting up our neighbors with the least mobility doing the most important and thankless jobs. 

These Nebraska workers, who are predominantly women and People of Color, have been called essential the past two years. Yet, while the cost of living has continued to climb, the baseline value for their labor–the minimum wage–hasn’t budged.

The stories and comments on this page are from Nebraskans who believe in the power of people to raise the wage–as much as they want this state to believe in the value of their work.

These voices come from parents and grandparents. They are students and college graduates. They are grocery and food service workers. They are caregivers for young people, elderly people, and disabled people. They are Nebraskans from across the state. They are all striving to find the Good Life for themselves, their family, and their community.

People will make this campaign successful. We’re so glad you’re here.