Get Involved

Are you a business owner or executive?

Please sign the Nebraska Business for a Fair Minimum Wage Statement to show your support.

Ballot initiatives work because we’re using democracy and putting decisions into our communities’ hands. Each signature says “this is an issue and we want to see a change.”

Volunteers like you are the key to collecting signatures, putting raising the minimum wage on the 2022 ballot, and ensuring fairer wages on our paychecks. Join us and let’s show, signature by signature, that Nebraskans are worth more than the minimum. 

Watch this 15 minute video to learn the basics of collecting signatures. When you’re done, either sign up for an event on Mobilize or our fill out this short form to get petitions mailed to you! We’ll train you if you go to an event so if you plan to collect on your own or you want to get a heads-start on the training, watch the 15 minute video below to get the basics.