Look at living costs and try surviving on only $1k a month

I’m Hannah Robinson and I’m here to talk about raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2026 through the ballot initiative and the importance and impact of that change. 

Look at living costs. Try finding good housing with only $1,000 a month. Working 40 hours at Nebraska’s minimum wage of $9.00, earns a little over $300 after taxes. Try to create a budget that would sustain you through two weeks – one that would pay rent, put gas in your car, put food in your stomach, and still put money in savings. 

This was my reality as I worked two jobs for over 60 hours a week to support myself. There were days I limped, almost fell asleep at work, almost fell asleep at the wheel. There were days my feet hurt so much I could barely press on the brake or the gas. I was told to work harder, to get a second job when I was already working full time, from the moment I got up to late into the night, beyond what I was scheduled. 

Working every waking hour with only a break to take the bus from one job to another, affected me emotionally in the short and long term. It caused me anxiety, even in my free time. I had no time or energy to pursue any interests at all.

Currently, I’m working as a sushi chef and have more time than in the past. I specifically spent time on this project to let others know just how important it is that we raise the minimum wage to give Nebraskans a chance for a better quality of life.